Spiritual growth is the process of evolving your inner self, your consciousness. It is a method through which you awaken the soul within through meditation and feel the energetic vibrations within. Spiritual growth and development helps you know more about yourself. nWhen we grow spiritually our perception changes and the way we see the world around us also changes. Spiritual growth and development brings about a positive change in our life. Not only we become optimistic and positive in life but also become calmer and peaceful. This growth helps us to deal with negativity around us. We reflect upon life and look for deeper meanings. Anger and other negative emotions take a back seat and we start feeling happy and comfortable in any circumstances. As we grow spiritually, our attitude toward life also changes for the better in a number of ways. Most of our problems stem from our own perceptions and expectations of ourselves and of the world. Spirituality and inner engineering may not help you to change the world but it definitely helps you to change the way you perceive the world. One will realize that this solves half the problems of your life. Someone has aptly put it that spiritual journey makes you see the world with a new pair of glasses! Spirituality and inner peace is a way of life. It helps you to develop great strength and courage. It builds our endurance levels and we can take a complete charge of our life thereby living a life that has no regrets, no guilt and or no anger. Spiritual growth and development can help to make human beings better citizens.